CellFactor: Revolution Immersion Games / Artificial Studios / Ageia 2007

This is a near-future story about a secretive, powerful LIMBO Corporation that produces military hardware and provides specialized operatives for earth's superpowers. When LIMBO suddenly withdraws all of its worldwide personnel to an island-fortress in the Mediterranean Sea, the United Nations sends an elite unit of counter-terrorist soldiers known as GUARD to investigate the situation. What they discover on this remote island will forever change the world as we know it. In mid-January 2006, it was decided to develop a PhysX-oriented multiplayer FPS with Ageia, and they worked out some interesting mechanics to allow players to use physical objects simultaneously with their gunplay. The production team (Immersion Games) that Immersion Games works with had an interesting storyline for a single player action-adventure FPS called CellFactor. So background elements were adapted from the CellFactor storyline, combining them with the game play mechanics worked out for a multiplayer game, becoming CellFactor: Revolution. The entire development cycle for the demo took 2 months, from mid-January to mid-March. There are thousands of interactive, networked objects, and they can be broken into thousands more pieces. For example, when an explosion happens, you need to be a lot more careful than in other games, because the exploded objects and shrapnel can be just as dangerous as the blast itself. This forces players to have a much greater degree of environmental awareness. You have psychic abilities in the game which can be used to manipulate all physical objects of reasonable mass; to throw at other players, create makeshift barricades, etc.
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PhysX Technology Demo vR36b ~467MB ( @ Gamer's Hell)*How to run on non-PhysX card.
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Free Game v1.03 889MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)

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