Chacal 3D A. BendiMerad 2000

Chacal 3D (Jackal 3D in English) is a French, fan made, split-screen deathmatch game that uses Doom graphics with a Wolfenstein-style engine. It allows two players to compete on the same screen, so on one computer in a three-dimensional world it's represented reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D and id Software (the same rendering algorithm: 'ray casting'). The game has the following features: orthogonal walls, texture mapping walls and floors, a Wolfenstein-like two on one screen, sprites to represent objects and players can create their own maps (using a simple ASCII editor ), can use its own textures (walls, sprites, floors) of wallpapers, ability to load a map in-game, three types of representation of the world: day or night or in the fog, 4 DOOM type weapons (pistol, rifle, rocket, plasma). Objects in the game to get: weapons, pharmaceuticals, ammunition, night vision and in the fog - the PC speaker for sound effects!
Free Game 440kb (uploaded by Jeux Gratuits)
Free Game ~455kb (@ Baixaki)
Free Game ~430kb (@ Free Game Archive)

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