Trucks Microfolie 1997

Trucks is an interesting driving game that plays like a cross between Interstate '76, Quarantine, and Terminal Velocity, except not nearly as innovative or fun as any of these games.This futuristic game is set on the planet Cooroocoocoo (I am not making this up), where you are an aspiring businessman/driver who has to buy one of 8 trucks available and takes on various missions. Once you finish buying your truck, fitting it with parts and crew, and accepting your first mission, you will leave from a service station driving your truck from a first-person view. The gameplay is more arcade-inspired than realistic because you can pick up various power-ups, although the truck handles more or less like a real truck. Naturally, the more missions you accomplish, the more money you will have available to buy better parts for the truck and hire more competent crew. The graphics are reminiscent of Terminal Velocity, although it looks better in SVGA, with smooth scrolling and good truck details. There are over 80 missions you can take, although they are not so different from each other. Multiplayer races and fights are supported via LAN and TCP/IP. All in all, Trucks is a slightly-better-than-mediocre driving game that boasts neither ingenuity nor addictiveness, but will not seriously disappoint or bore you to tears, either.
Full Demo 16MB (uploaded by
French Clone ISO Demo 348MB (uploaded by Ampee)

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