Code Red: The Martian Chronicles COR Entertainment 2003

The Martian Chronicles picks up some years later[ After Code Red: Battle for Earth]. Now a decorated officer for your efforts on Earth, you have been sent to Mars to investigate the disappearance of combat troops. It appears a new leader has assumed control, codenamed "Big Brain", and is massing a new army. Your mission is to find him, and put a stop to his plans. Along the way, you'll see incredible Martian facilities and landscapes, and horrors that you could have never imagined. This standalone game in the Code Red series has 14 large levels, several additional enemies not in the original and 10 powerful weapons. The hub level design is more extensive than the original and has more intelligent NPC's, more action and tougher battles. The game theme and atmosphere is also darker. This is a quality freeware game.
Full Free Game v4.0 ~128MB ( @ Gamer's Hell)

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