Collapse: Devasted World / After The War Creoteam / Buka Entertaiment 2008

The new world is full of anomaly, extraterrestrial creatures and mechanisms beyond our comprehension. The remains of humankind live under the constant menace of alien attacks, while the law of the strongest has taken place over the society.
The Lords, an elite group appeared from the total chaos and anarchy and were the only barrier between the total annihilation. Until they were killed
Rodan is the only of Lords left alive. He doesn't know yet that he's only a pawn taking part in a big game… And he doesn’t suspect what is his part in this history. But the life cannot be foreseen. Even a pawn can play a crucial role in the game
Collapse is a remarkable 3D Action game with gripping adventure elements. Striking realism of character, organic combination of cold and fire-arms, colorful impacts and fighting acrobatics, the interactive destroyed world, unique design and deep story line – CreoTeam is making an amazing job! And stunning music by NewTone makes this job even more impressive. In April/2014, it was finally released with English menus and subtitles on Steam.
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Russian Demo ~358MB ( @ Official Site)
Review by wkduffy
Fan-Made English Translation Materials ~3.6GB (made by wkduffy & upped by Scaryfun) *with bonus artwork and saveGames
Russian DVD ISO Demo 2.90GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2014 English ISO Demo 3.19GB (uploaded by Trey)
After the War - Spanish Repack Full Demo 3.38GB (uploaded by reynolds)
After The War - Italian ISO Demo 3.31GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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