Gunners Heart: For Five Most Peaceful Days Easy Game Station / DHM Interactive 2006

This Japanese Doujin game was inspired by Skygunner (Atlus, 2002) for Playstation 2. The story is around three pilots: Femme, Ciel and Copain who are fighting Ventre and his Poulets army. The gameplay is very similar to Starfox 64 and After Burner where player must shoot and dodge in a nonstop action arcade style. To obtain more money, chaining combos is required. At the end of each stage player can enter a shop and purchase various items such weapons, credits etc. Gunners Heart is a rarity. Since it's focused so heavily on fast paced action and scoring, it's one of the few titles that actually feels like a 2D arcade shooter implemented in 3D, which is extremely impressive coming from an independent developer. Its incentive-based gameplay also gives it quite a bit more lasting value than even home ports of modern arcade shooters. This is definitely one of the most well rounded, well produced doujin games out there, and most certainly worth checking out. In 2009, it was released in various other languages including English.
Full Demo 131MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Trial Level Demo 29MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)

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