Astroreptilio Spungulas Software 1999

This is an earlier game made with Game Creation System from creator of Thundra. All assets (except a few sound effects) were custom made for the game, so you will have to look quite hard to find any standard GCS assets in here (unless the stuff is from one of those texture packs that were sold). You play as a reptilian character and instead of the kick feature from GCS design (when you have no weapon), you have a reptilian tail to swat at enemies. The level design is a lot more interactive than most run&gun GCS titles. You have to flip some switches in order to progress and every once in a while there are some text boxes. Polygons on the floor are used with some success, but there are still graphical glitches, as usual. What's really impressive is the architecture of some of the outside buildings. It's not all simple boxes but they've tried to give the buildings some shape and it works pretty well.
Shareware Level Demo 1.26MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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