Cabela's African Adventures Activision Blizzard 2013

This is a 3rd person action hunting game that gives you free reign over the vast, open landscapes and untamed wilderness of Africa. In the wilds of Africa, it's hunt or be hunted. You will scour the continent on the hunt for the biggest of the “Big Five”- the lion, leopard, white rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, and elephant - the most prized, elusive, dangerous trophies of the African animal kingdom. But watch your back – you're on their turf now. It's a fast-paced adventure packed with animal combat encounters that will challenge your fight or flight instincts. Jump into a story-driven journey across an open-world – from verdant savannah to sun-seared desert and overgrown jungle, the vibrant environments of Africa are yours to explore. Let intuition be your guide as you traverse the lands on foot or by truck, entering and exiting your vehicle anytime, anywhere. As you progress through the story, you’ll discover hunting zones, collectables, new objectives and, of course, Africa’s most ferocious beasts. Experience earned along the way will unlock new weapons and abilities, allowing you to customize your loadouts for strategic choices on the field. And you'll need them – your targets are nothing less than Africa's deadliest, wiliest creatures, and without keen, stealthy instincts, you’ll quickly turn from predator to prey. For a true test of reflex, skill and courage, pit yourself against the intense arcade action of the Shooting Galleries, featuring Hot Seat mode, supporting up to four players.
2DVD ISO Demo 8.74GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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