Continuum Jordan J Wales and K Conor Welch, Intuitive Impulse Software 1996

At the AREA 51 secret research facility in Nevada, a project, code-named CONTINUUM is nearing the final stages of completion. Using technology recovered from the 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, the secret bureau of the CIA, the elusive Section 7 has created the impossible. The aging Dr. Richard Golchan, one of the principle architects of the project, and a long-time friend of your father's, is having second thoughts. He calls you to his estate in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, to reveal to you what he fears is a project that could destroy the fabric of the space-time continuum, disrupting the universe as we know it today. It is up to you to stop this from happening. Prepare to embark on a great adventure, in a furious battle against Section 7, a battle for which the prize is the CONTINUUM itself. The game was made with the Pie In The Sky GCS (Game Creation System). It has a rich 3-D environment to explore, with ambient sound and many interactive elements. There's characters to question and gain clues from; some could turn out to be friends, while others might be working against you. It also has intro screens at each locale and movie cutscenes (full version only) that set the stage during the adventure. Beautiful outdoor scenes, and detailed indoor sets help bring the adventure to life.
Shareware Level Demo ~4.1MB (@ Official Site)

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