Rollcage Attention to Detail Limited / Psygnosis Limited 1999

Rollcage is a fast, furious 3D racing game combining elements from Death Rally with elements from Bullfrog's classic Hi Octane: Race five other drivers in an immersive 3D environment while shooting at your peers and avoiding their retaliation. There's eight different weapons at your disposal. Along with these mighty meshes of mass destruction, Rollcage is spread out over twenty different tracks (within four distinct racing environments). The environments you race in consists of objects that are fully destructible, such as skyscrapers. Also, would-be racers are allowed free roaming anywhere on the terrain. Once you've mastered the game, Psygnosis has added various hidden items such as mirror tracks, hidden vehicles, and deathmatch arenas for the multiplayer game. Cars can drive up walls, flip over, and continue driving. This makes for a very quick and fluid gameplay unlike any other at the time of this game's release.
Full Demo 93MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
ISO Demo 488MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Level Demo 9MB (uploaded by CNET
Rollcage Redux - Freeware 98MB (uploaded by Official Site)
HD Full Demo 377MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Rollcage Redux - Freeware Game 98MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
ISO Demo 431MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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