Rollcage Stage II / Death Track Racing ATD, Psygnosis Limited / Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. 2000

This sequel to Rollcage can be considered as Wipeout on wheels. The game allows you to power your vehicle down tunnels at blistering speeds, riding upside down on the roof if need be, and blast your fellow competitors to smithereens! There are new and improved weapons - including the ability to double up your arsenal; picking up the same weapon twice improves its power/abilities. There are 12 racing modes - not all of which are available at the start - and many hidden bonuses, all of which can be unlocked throughout the game. The game has new physics and vehicle handling, and uses shorter tracks than its predecessor. There are over twenty vehicles included (some of which are locked) with three unique paintjobs apiece. Broken into five unique environments, it features a whopping 65 tracks set over alien landscapes and futuristic cities. Because tracks are fully destructible, players can use the scenery to their advantage. By destroying large boulders and other scenic hazards, you can potentially hamper your opponent's progress by blocking certain portions of the tracks. In 2014, Rollcage Extreme was released free with compatability with modern o/s, new audio system and improved graphics.
Level Demo 40MB (uploaded by CNET
Full Demo 39MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Clone ISO Demo 657MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Rollcage Extreme - Freeware 225MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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