Przekleta Ziemia [PL] L.K. Avalon / Riki Computer Games 1998

This is an isometric shooter with strategic elements. The aim of the game is to pay off debts incurred in the corporation Peace. To do this the player must find three precious crystals hidden on the planet Cursed Earth. The whole tactic comes down to the equipment of the team using the available funds. The team can count from one to three mercenaries. The player can choose from ten mercenaries with various abilities to handle weapons. Mercenaries and weapons must be adapted to the specific mission. The gameplay reminds of the Syndicate games, but the player can control only one mercenary at the same time. The mission is usually to kill someone or destroy something. Apart from enemies the player encounters ammo, extra energy, armor, money and other useful items. There are twenty missions in total, 15 types of weapons, more than 50 types of enemies, an amazing dark atmosphere, and industrial metal music soundtrack.
Polish ISO Demo 185MB (provided by hfric & uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Polish CloneCD ISO Demo + demo, manual and other scans 482MB (uploaded by Karsa Orlong)

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