Stellar Mercenaries Virtual Adventures Inc. / Infogrames Inc. 1997

This is a futuristic 3D space combat and race simulator video game for Windows 95 with multiplayer support. The game was released in four different languages: English, French, German and Spanish. The goal of the game is to become the highest ranking mercenary: Fleet Admiral. The higher the rank, the more access to have some weapons, maximum energy and generators which will help the player to complete the missions more easily. By completing missions, player can accumulate credits which will get the player in higher ranks. The ranks are given/removed at the end of a mission. If the cumulative credits are higher than 5000 and the mission is completed, player gets a higher rank. On the other hand, if the credits are below zero and the mission is a failure, player will lose a rank. If player starts a deathmatch game, only the credits are accounted for since there is no mission objectives. All the credits are saved and cumulated at each and every mission. The game contains different types of scenarios: space combat, surface missions and racing. It was originally supposed to be available online through 'Oceanline' but the network closed down before it happened. So Infogrames sold the game as a single player game.
ISO Demo 40MB (uploaded by

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