Metal Planet Metal Planet 2013

The game is set on a distant planet called Metal. The two corporations are fighting for control of a valuable resource capable of transforming matter. You take on the role of a soldier equipped with a mech with power armor and powerful weapons. Hurricane shooting, tons of explosives, destructible Environments, Boss battles and more are in Metal Planet. Gameplay is based on capturing points like in Battlefield or Team Fortress. Two teams are fighting in different game modes: Control - where players of each team must capture all points on map; Convoy - one must support the team carrier for delivering the enemy to base. Other team must stop it. The carrier will move only when the team who supports it captured one or more points. In addition, the path is blocked by gates and lifts; Gold Rush - a convoy based game mode, but in this mode each team must carry their support and deliver IT on the base faster than other team; Fighting with Boss - All players are fighting with a huge boss. Players must shoot the turret and when they are all destroyed then the boss core is opened. Only the core is one that can be damaged. Some objects on map can be changed or Destroyed. Players can interact with gates, elevators and other interactive objects. Players can select the soldier from 3 Classes: Assault - most powerful weapons are on board, Defender - a shield can be created for protecting allies and restore armor, Support - can restore ammo and immobilize the enemies in several seconds. Player can upgrade their soldier if he finds a special module. Modules are created in random places on the map at the game start. It can be better armor, increase weapons power, repair, ammo, different weapons or give a weapon additional functions. Player loses the module after destroying a soldier. Some control points give all players who control it special abilities: Air Strike for assault class players, Charger for Defenders, Restoring this device for ammo and armor of all players who are nearby, Hacking for Support class. Hacking inverts controls for players who are in target range where after several seconds they are disoriented.
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Level Demo 278MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Multi3 ISO Demo v1.4.0.4 764MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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