Cry Of The Infected Cyborg Arm Games / New Disk 2008

You play as Robert, a man trying to find his missing wife (Amy) in a city torn apart by the zombie outbreak. Groups of soldiers shoot anything that moves out of their own fear and loss of control. Some zombies attack their own kind in fits of agony. Perhaps worst of all is the crushing hopelessness that Robert must overcome as he rips and tears his way through this abandoned city.
Since you're a zombie in the game, you mainly fight (scratch) with your two hands and sometimes with a knife, soldiers with machine-guns. But, even if Robert can't pick up weapons from fallen enemies because his zombified brain can't understand how to use them, he knows how to use a minigun, that can be found later in the game. A laser rifle is also a secret weapon.
Cry of the Infected is another first person PC game made using FPS Creator, by Luke Porter aka Luke314pi. It features 13 levels of action bound together by a unique story and game environment. The main game contains 1-2 hours of gameplay, and the game can be replayed for an alternate ending and unlockable secret weapon. But contrary to Darkest Island, the full game costs now (only) 4$. In Feb/2017, the game was made freeware.
1 Level Demo 82MB (uploaded by Worthdownloading)
English ISO Demo with Russian installer ~742MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Freeware Game 453MB (uploaded by Niclauke)

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