Cytadela Tomasz Kazmierczak 2009

Cytadela is a conversion of an old Amiga first person shooter (called Citadel in English). The original was created in 1995 by Virtual Design, and released firstly in Poland and then in other countries. This is a single player game in which the player fights against AI enemies. The goal of the game is to find six bomb parts with which the Citadel has to be blown up. To achieve it, the player not only has to defend himsefl against the enemies, but (s)he also has to solve many riddles, such as switching apropriate buttons in order to open some door, move some walls, etc. The bomb parts are placed in six complexes: Sewers, Laboratories, Power station, Stores, Hangar and Prison. There are two additional levels - Basement which is the entrance to the Citadel, and Command Center where the bomb should be planted. The Basement is divided into two levels. The Command Center consists of just one level. All the other complexes are divided into three levels, and the bomb parts are placed in the third level of each complex. Before leaving a complex you have to make sure that you've taken a bomb part, because you can't go back to the allready penetrated complex. Only when you have collected all the bomb parts you have access to the Command Center.
Full Freeware ~289MB ( @ Official Site)
Original Game Infos

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