Damage Incorporated: Never Cry Submission Paranoid Productions / WizardWorks 1998

Using the Marathon 2 engine, this as well as ZPC look accordingly bad. You lead a platoon of marines in the game and can give orders to your team colleagues. It incorporates a number of real-time strategy game mechanics. The game takes place in modern day, and the player is cast as a sergeant in the Marine Corps. in charge of a team of thirteen Marines. The player is sent on a long sequence of covert missions fighting various rogue militia and paramilitary organizations based in assorted locations around the United States. The player takes up to four squad members on each mission, and though he is not always required to use them, the missions become significantly easier if he does. Squad members are extremely chatty and each have well defined personalities. The squad members can die during combat, resulting in the player potentially being short on men for the later missions. The game also includes a separate multi-player game where players can each have their own squad, resulting in some chaotic battles. Though obscure today, the game was one of the first FPS that took place in a realistic modern military-based environment and was likely the first to have the player command a fire team of NPCs. The original for the Mac appeared earlier more than one year and was very popular there - as was the entire Marathon series (see Mod-Addon section for direct PC ports.
Map Pack
Full Demo (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 103MB (upped by Egon68)

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