Dark Faction MaxRealms Digital Media 2006

In 1945, the Allied powers were poised to bring WWII to a quick end with a new weapon. This "A-Bomb" was to be detonated over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The device was successfully deployed, yet it failed to detonate over its target. The Axis powers had also been working on their own version of the Atomic Bomb. Once completed, the device was deployed and successfully detonated over the island of Manhattan, New York on 2 September 1945. Nine days later, a second bomb - Codename "Nachtw├Ąchter", was detonated over Los Angeles, California. In 1946, a rebellious group is formed in the German Republic of America. The group is called the DarkFaction. The time is now. DarkFaction was made in FPSCreator over a period of around 6 months. The abilities of the software at the time was limited and did not even include a save/load system. The main menu, save system and P.D.A elements were created in Visual Basic.
Full Freeware ~480MB (@ Official Site)

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