Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion Max Gaming Technologies / Garage Games 2005

DH: Lore Invasion is a fast action FPS style massively multiplayer online mecha game where the player's stats will affect the outcome of the war and ultimately write the history of the Dark Horizons universe. With its release, the online portion of the previous game in the series, Dark Horizons Lore, was shut down. This game offers a multi-faceted gaming experience that provides a rich and dynamic experience for players of all kinds. At its core, it offers pulse-pounding first-person action where quick reflexes and nerves of steel are the path to victory. Once the battle is done, however, game statistics and records are saved permanently to measure your faction4s progress and track your own history as a MAV Warrior. This persistent universe in which the content is dominated by the best fighters makes the game much more interesting and gives every battle much more weight. Some of the elements of the online gaming system include: Individual, Squad, and Faction battle statistics tracking from Server Corp servers; Multiple Character Management from within the game, and through the Universe Web Access Point; Persistent "Balance of Power Map", visualizing the conflict as it persists; Squad management, including internal command structures and military ranking system; Game Masters and Warlords to help chart the course of the conflict, and streaming battle reports. In December/2007 it was released free to everyone after a mod group was allowed to continue patching the game for the previous year.
Free Game v2.0.2 43MB (uploaded by Worthdownloading)

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