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Game title: Suffering, The: Prison is Hell - Widescreen Mod
Type: Rip
Uploaded: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Uploader's Notes: 1. Uncompress, copy to game folder and overwrite when prompted 2. Run The Suffering Setup 3. Set desidered resolution (again, resolutions higher than 1080 are available too, although i wouldn't recommend it. It will make game engine running unstable, missing in rendering textures, crash after crash, loading screen freeze bug), display driver, set shadows quality and anti-aliasing level (setting AA to max 6x may cause loading screen freeze bug. If that happens run The Suffering Setup again and lower your AA settings). 5. Texture Filtering can be enabled in game graphics settings 6. In Sound tab choose your sound card only 7. Run game
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