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Game title: Fall, The: Last Days of Gaia ISO + all patches & English translation included
Type: ISO
Uploaded: 2016-09-15 02:09:34
Uploader's Notes: Password: AdventureLegends 1. Install game 2. Patch 1.6.5. http://gamefront.online/files/3787915/thefall-1.0-zu-1.6.5.exe 3. Patch 1.65 -> 1.7 http://gamefront.online/files/3837467/thefall-1.6.5-zu-1.7.exe 4. Patch 1.8 (inkl. Sprache) http://patches-scrolls.de/patch/4219/7/52163/download [patches the game to Extended Edition] 5. Patch 1.9 (mit Speechupdate) http://patches-scrolls.de/patch/4219/7/52164/download 6.Patch 1.10 (mit Speechupdate) http://patches-scrolls.de/patch/4219/7/52166/download [patches the game to Reloaded Edition] 7. And lastly, the (one and only) English translation mod! http://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/the-fall-english-language-mod.175513/page-2
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