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Game title: Unreal Gold - Fanmade Pack
Type: Rip
Uploaded: 2010-11-14 04:38:37
Uploader's Notes: Version 227f patch integrated (was 226b) - Return to Na Pali expansion updated to work with 227f patch (you MUST NOT skip the first introduction, let it finish playing on its own!) - official bonus packs integrated 1. Fusion (6 Epic-made maps) 2. 3dfx/Creative OEM (3 Epic-made maps) 3. GW Press Addons (3 Epic-made maps) 4. Creative "UnrealAO" (6 maps by Creative) 5. S3 Unreal Gallery Beta 2 (12 maps by S3 Graphics) - official hidden skins unlocked - DirectX redistributable updated to March 2009 (was DX7)
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