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Game title: Sin Ultimate Edition
Type: ISO
Uploaded: 2013-12-29 02:12:21
Uploader's Notes: Sin 1.11 + Wages of Sin + Ctf + redemption bots for sin and wages of sin. I exchanged ref_gl.dll wih a newer version which is working faster and more stable. I added atioglxx.dll to increase some stability for newer graphic cards (not sure if it is working but its not disturbing in anyway too). There are all skins i could find for this game and all multiplayer maps I could find (sin wos and ctf). All nicely packed in sin pak files (Sin.setup.exe) Here only addons to add, packed in sin pak files (sin.addon.rar) File for connecting to my multiplayer server (whenever it is on and running) (3Spot_sin.exe) For windows 7 64 bit there is a patch for custom resolution to make the game into widescreen resolution (sinpatcher.exe). After patching the game (the exe is patched i assume), remember to set the in-game resolution to 1152 x 854. This will activate your custom resolution which you patched to the game if you want to have the same graphic settings in all mods (sin ctfwages of sin etc) then just make sure your profile under players directory is copied all over in all of those mods directories. This means just copy from base\players\here_your_profile to for example wos\players\here_your_profile
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