3D Shooter legends
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Game title: Layer Section
Type: Rip
Uploaded: 2014-05-18 02:05:44
Uploader's Notes: Instruction to play with audio tracks (included in the readme): to rebuild the cd using the data and the mp3 audio tracks, burn a "mixed mode cd", the DATA track should be TRACK 1, and the AUDIO tracks should be TRACKS 2 to 20. place the RAYFORCE folder on the data section of the cd, and the mp3 files on the audio section, (make sure the tracks are in the right order), and burn the cd. you can place the folder with the mp3 files, the track lists txt file and this file in the data section if you want. also, if you enable "cd text", the audio tracks will keep their names that describe what they are and the song title.
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