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Game title: Bloody Games ISO
Type: ISO
Uploaded: 2014-11-16 02:11:18
Uploader's Notes: includes 28 shareware games: Annihilator Tank, Bad Toys 3D, Battle Wrath, BOT, Creep Clash, CyberGladiators, Cyber Street, Deadly Games, Dogs Of War, Duck Hunt II, Greed, Hunter Hunted, IMO, Karate Joe, Legend of the 7 Paladins, Marble Fighter, Master Won Liu 3-D, Necrodome, One Must Fall 2097, Pheasant Hunt, Prairie Dog Hunt PRO, Robotron X, Skull, Strife, TC Robot Bout, Tomb Raider, Toshinden. Screensavers - Chickens From Hell!, Dopefish, Hey, Macaroni!, Johnny Castaway, Pink Panther, Timeless, Yellow Submarine. password=3dsl
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