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Game title: Halo 2 - repacked for W-XP-32bit
Type: Rip
Uploaded: 2015-01-04 03:01:01
Uploader's Notes: Voice English, Subtitles Multi. Removed: Videos; lot of redundant data files. Requirements for extracting the archives: 2GB RAM minimum, 6.5GB additional harddisk space for temporary data files, 4.5GB finally. M$-VCRedist 2005 and 2008 RunTimeLibraries required (MSVC?80.DLL, MSVC?90.DLL). GFW Live installation not required. Game runs on WinXP (tested on SP3, working). Only solo campaign is playable. Unpacking and starting: Download/copy all files (H2.001...H2.009 and H2U.ZIP) into one folder of your choice, Unzip H2U.ZIP into the same folder, Run UNPACK.BAT to extract the archive files H2.001...H2.009 (ignore error messages by buggy 7za.exe: "is not archive", "Archives with Errors"), Delete files H2.001...H2.009 and H2U.ZIP if you want, Run RESTPCF.BAT to restore game data (takes some time), Install VCREDISTs (VC2005, VC2008) by M$ if necessary, Prevent the game from going online, Run RUN-XP.BAT to start the game on Win-XP (tested, working), Run RUN-W7.BAT to start the game on Win-Vista or higher (NOT tested), In the game when GFW Live window pops up create an offline account (scroll down to see the link).
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