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Game title: Quake 4 Special Edition (fan-edited version 2DVD ISO)
Type: ISO
Uploaded: 2015-04-19 01:04:52
Uploader's Notes: Differences: Disk 1 - Updated Quake 4 to latest version (1.4.2), added PDF manual and Prima's Official eGuide. Disk 2 - Updated Quake II to v3.24 unofficial patch by Knightmare, updated CTF to the latest version (1.50). Thanks to v3.24 patch, game now supports ogg soundtrack, so ripped original CD to high quality ogg. Updated dll's. From Extremities, added only skins and maps. Added Zaero (an exceptionally good mission pack) and Juggernaut (an abomination of nature) as the only MPs released in retail. Juggernaut's avi intro converted ntro.cin but has terrible metallic screech at the end of the video.
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