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New blue box link under game entries to Mods/TCs.

Postby Scaryfun » Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:40 am

Blue colored box links under a game linking to any Mods/TCs on those pages have been added to make site visitors aware that there is added content or enhanced versions of games available. We'll be adding roughly 4 mods per week as that section has been lacking current game mods for too long.

One of the good things about FPS games is their ability to be modified and new content created that extends gameplay indefinitely. Be aware that these extra mods such as total conversions, extra fan-made levels and source ports (which enable running of old games on modern systems with new abilities, graphics and models sometimes) are listed under the year the original game came out. But, for example, new content is still being made for Wolfenstein 3D - a 1992 game for which a great total conversion called Trench Warfare was released in 2005 (some 13 years later).

In addition, we have also started going over each year's pages in order to replace The Underdogs abandonware links whose downloads are all dead now, and in the process have also been adding Info and Review links as well as revising some game descriptions.

Hope you all like the changes! :D
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Postby black » Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:23 am

^-^ wow cool great job Scaryfun *poke poke* :D
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