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Battle For Freedom fake new game posted on major sites.

Postby Scaryfun » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:43 pm

I was going to add new game entry for it on 3D Shooter Legends last night, then when I looked up infos on it I found it was a scam made by some French guys. They sent out a press release and a game demo which was posted widely on major gaming sites. There were also videos and web pages made to fool those who do little checking of facts on the internet.
Some infos - ... nt-page-1/

Seems this type of same scam was done before too - ... e-son-fps/

And people find out - ... did=117366
It looks like most of the art assets are stolen from other games, or random photos, the sound effects are just someone saying "pow pow", and it takes about 10 minutes to actually load the game. :lol:

Actual screenshots -
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