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Postby 48kHappy » Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:37 pm

before that was be only games, play almost every be happy, now u grow up
and u see how primitive ideas (graphic mb cool for today) u see that fu.n ideas u laugh and bored from.. idiotic stupid when u are fucn

1. Hero and only fucn u may stop a fucn Evil (stop and all good..)

2. when u accidently a Hero (and same shit, save a wolrd

3. quest, with idiotic scenario like afucn Syberia,


we are live in the world, where we accidently .. where we are just fucn accident.. coz what are we human that lucky (random)

today science know some about universe, about expanding and someday
our sun is die, many know today earth is have round form not flat

u look in night on that dark (cloudy, coz fucn city) sky and.. u asking urself for why all that, who begin all that, and if all that (creating universe, creating planet and other bullshit) that just accident, u ask himself for why? wtf? if even we are a rouches by measure of space
have that questions, wtf, all universe is, just a stupid non thinking creatures... and u not belive in that

if evolution rules say: only more thinking, strengh survive (or someting like that) that mean (maybe) gods of that universe much.. better than we are and not so stupid like we are..

or we are just a.. anyway what in end of our progress?

1. humanity create teleport (or someting like that) we are travelling through universe from system to sytem, maybe more far, nevermind

2. nevermind, we die anyway, question of creation of universe only if are drunk 2much or only if tired from that life or only scientist,

question is too easy who and for what he making our universe, for what all that? and if him\she create then, maybe him\she was been creating someting more big, or more... thing{more}less then...

like our scientist, like we are see on the cat\dog and laughin about his movemnet.. coz we understand, coz we know if need, we destroy they easy and without problems

and when u that modern primitve games without atmosphere, without intrique, and .. only just a fucn nude nudeless ) bodys and some fucn pathetic primitive objective, so fucn too easy Good and Bad.. i dont think
about our creator, i thinks that mf not too simpoe, but, we are thinking about our place in universe, i guess rooster or even dolphins not..

more drink, much moneys, get a girl (or get a good slut) that all need for
that life (that good for many but im not many, by regret maybe)

{for what i write all that? dunno, i want creat music, or game where but now im drink, tired and good music playing on background, i guess that questiong for a fucn creator of our universe..

"a thousand elefants can break outer walls of a fortress, one deseace rat can kill all those inside"

book of cataclysm. Martiz and

sorry, mb that rough but noone rabit dont killed )
sorry for that post...
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Postby Scaryfun » Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:21 pm

:huh: I think I need to be drunk to understand this. :lol:
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Postby Narfous » Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:24 pm

i'm old and im an always fucn
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