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Postby angrycheese » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:50 pm

Hello, I am angrycheese and I post very infrequently meaning I will either post all the time or never ever. :hi:
I am mostly fond of czech adventure games and czech games in general. I also love high quality puzzle games and platformers.
This website is a real gem, it's incredible there is a database of so many (I thought were) lost gems, whoever keeps that database up is my hero. There's come classics I thought I would never see there. And the community seems to be great too! Heck, I haven't used a forum so classy-looking in years.
So uhm, hi guys. :mrgreen:

(also I'm not sure if this is okay with the rules but I have a channel I use for uploading adventure game videos and whatnot, you can check it if interested: )
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Re: Hello!

Postby Scaryfun » Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:40 pm

:hi: Welcome, you'll find like-minded fans of those types of games here. Our goal is to preserve these games and make them available to fans.
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Re: Hello!

Postby Shattered » Sun Jul 31, 2016 7:46 am

Welcome to Legends World.
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Re: Hello!

Postby Delacroix » Tue Aug 02, 2016 4:57 pm


Greetings. A person knowledgeable on Czech games will definitely be a great addition to our user roster. We're happy to have you here.
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