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Carmageddon Special Edition

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 12:00 am
by oldman
Source Topic and links here on Italian site:
Recent upload on moddb
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Links here:
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plus patch 3 +zombie demo(required for patch 3 to install)
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D3DWindower (i posted this as it was on the same page with the game links)
Though i didn't use it on win xp.
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some info about D3DWindower :
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I was never a big fan of carmageddon ,i must have missed it first time round.
But it's a bit of fun with an old game ,revamped for Win 7.
I extracted the game (carma95.rar) to c:\carma95.
To patch ,i got it to work by extracting the zombie demo to C:\CARMASPL.
When i ran the patch 1.3 ,it seems to grab the files from the C:\CARMASPL folder and integrates them into c:\carma95.
So u end up with the new patched carma95 with the zombie demo included.
p.s..I'm pretty sure this is correct :)