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Sparx -depression game :)

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 12:36 am
by oldman
A couple of years ago ,i came across a New Zealand website .
They mentioned something about creating a game to help people suffering from Depression.
I think the idea was to make a computer game that was therapeutic or something ,while playing.
Anyway ,i received an email recently saying they had released a test version ,to be played in your browser with unity plugin.
It's about 139mb in size.
They said it was for N.Z only ,but they gave me a link that might work in England.
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The original site (from 2 yesrs ago)seems to have stopped working for me:
remember it's only a test version ,i think they are quite a way off from full release.
Anyway ,it might be of interest to some :)

If u want to check it ,but don't want t do it in a browser,see below.
Though they'll probably miss out on debug info(i think).

i downloaded the file and played it in an offline unity player
game file:
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offline unity player:
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I think there's another offline player made by someone else,but i lost the bookmark.

P.S...I wouldn't say the game is "earth shattering" in any way :wink:
Though it looks ok for a test version of 139mb.