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You. Me. Hell.

Postby oldman » Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:50 am

From then guys who made 'Freja and the sequel'.
A new release:
You. Me. Hell. for pc ,mac,linux .ios .android.
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Link and walkthrough on page above +their older game is there too.

Biscuit Placebo’s latest offering is another slice of the decidedly surreal. The graphics are done in the collage style of their previous game, with characters especially appearing to be made of basic cut-outs. Despite the simplicity of the look, expressive eyes and mouths help bring the characters to life. You commence your quest in the rocky caves that form the outskirts of Hell, but your quest will take you to the couple’s mundane apartment, as well as a disco party where they first met.

If someone could successfully download this ,please post a link here for it.
The download keeps breaking half way through.
I had the same problem trying to download their first game a while ago.
Not sure why.
I sent an email to game dev ,i seem to remember him sending me a google link for the last game.
I'll post it here if/when i get it.
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