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The Legend of The Artifact Remastered demo(wip)

Postby oldman » Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:29 pm

TLoTA Remastered demo, version 0.11 for Windows.(W.I.P)
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TLoTAR is a remake of the original game, aimed at delivering the experience the original intended to!

The Artifact, a powerful relic, gets stolen by a mysterious figure called The Shadow Wizard. The Artifact keeps the land in peace. The Wizard plans to destroy the relic, which will kill the chosen heroes and cause chaos in the world.
The heroes has to return it back to The Sanctum before the wizard can destroy it, or else there will be consequences for the world, and the heroes themselves.

Play as the four heroes; Matt, Chip Aria and Huey. You can play alone or together with 7 other people to advance as a team and defeat the wizard once and for all!

8+ playable characters! You start out with 4, but the rest is unlockable later on.
70+ levels, in 10 different worlds!
Entertaining combat! Perform different combos with directional attacks, aerial attacks, heavy attacks and more. Use your own character's unique moveset to your advantage and master your favorite!
8-player multiplayer. Up to 8 people can play together at once if you have enough controllers. You can either play together in co-op, or against eachother in Battle Mode!
A heap of bosses to fight, along with an Arena where you can face them all!
A large, varied soundtrack.
A surprisingly deep storyline, with a few twists!
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