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2034 A.C. (After Canada) II

PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:52 pm
by oldman
To all the fans of the first 'After Canada' A.G.S game, Ponch has released the follow up:
2034 A.C. (After Canada) II
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The adventures of Paige Rowsdower, Royal Canadian Mountie, continue in this second installment of the AGS Award Nominated game series. Thrill to remarkably polite excitement as Paige and her fellow mounties maintain law and order in a world gone to heck. You'll never find an apocalypse so well-behaved!

Car chases! Errant snowballs! Donuts! Recycling! Syrup Stains! Mutants! Assless chaps! Hobos! Goldfish! This game has it all, buddy!

It did come out exactly 12 months ago but was only available for a short while in 'AGS Bake Sale 2',so we've had to wait for the 1 year mark to get it
for free.