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Support Rules - Please READ!

Postby InsaneFury » Sat Jan 22, 2005 5:00 pm

If you want to request support , please be specific about the problem you're having!
Don't just post stuff like "Game X crashes" or "Can't play this game": In ANY case of a problem, there should be some symptoms associated. Please do report those as much as possible, so we can actually do something with your request.

For example, instead of just writing you have a problem, you'd mention:
-WHICH GAME it happens with.
you should even mention which version it is (e.g. v1.0), and whether it's an ISO or RIP (preferably also mention where you got it from).
-WHAT happens.
Game crashes back to desktop, game gives error message (if so, what message?), etc.
-WHERE it happens.
Is it a problem with downloading, extracting, installing, starting or playing the game?
-USING what configuration of computer
What processor, memory, operating system does your computer use?

Be as specific as you can, if you want your support request to be resolved quickly. :wink:

If your problem is solved, click the checkmark icon on your post to indicate that so others know you don't need help anymore. Also, click the Thank icon on the post of person who solved your problem to give them credit for contributing in the forum.

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