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Postby catchaserguns » Sun Nov 08, 2020 7:26 am

The Aveyond Trilogy that Scaryfun uploaded has a bunch of backdoor viruses. He needs to remove the link.
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Re: Aveyond

Postby Delacroix » Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:53 pm

I'll upload a clean version of the entire series. Just please, give me a bit of time. It should be ready sometime tomorrow.


Being the perfectionist and completionist that I am, I've decided to hold off the upload for the following reason: I am trying to find the voice packs for the AV3 installments of the series, which were once sold at WalzMusic but are discontinued. I don't know how many there are (I used to have one of them) but I'll do my best to wrap this up quickly. I've already emailed Aaron Walz about this and left a plea for help at the Aveyond discord.

Also I need to find my old disc with AV1 and AV2 which were fully patched and there were a shitton of patches for those so I need to find those specific versions.

AV3 voiceless version and AV4 are all clean and ready to be packed. I just need to obtain and archive those parts that were voiced in order to have the full package.

EDIT: It's packed up and uploading. 40 more minutes. Link will be ofc replaced on Wednesday, the update day. I must warn you, however, that the archive increased in size three-fold. It is now over 1 GB. Included are:

- Ahriman's Prophecy (Aveyond 0) - English version
- Ahriman's Prophecy (Aveyond 0) - Polish version
- Ahriman's Prophecy Reboot DEMO - the demo of a work-in-progress remake on RPG Maker XP
- Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest
- Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest
- Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight
- Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight voiced version
- Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night
- Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night voiced version
- Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb
- Aveyond 3-4: The Darkthrop Prophecy
- Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist
- walkthroughs and strategy guides for the series

It doesn't trigger my antivirus program in any way. I also checked on VirusTotal any files that may trigger the AVs. You shouldn't have any detections. If you do get an alert, you're going to have to dismiss it as a false positive.

I'll update this post once more with the final link.


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