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Postby freakboy » Tue Aug 17, 2004 7:53 pm

There are Cracked gameservers out there but where to find them, thats the problem.

Here is some help, i found it on the net and it works for me.
I now play ut2004, BF1942 and vietnam online whitout a valid serial.

First you will need the program "The all seeing eye"
Start the EYE and go to filter and click on New...
Give the filter a name that you want, for instance "Cracked servers"

under the name you have a larger field in this field you have to copy this text

1 if hostname ~!= "*crack*" goto 3
2 goto 4
3 if hostname ~!= "*[c]*" goto 5
4 goto 6
5 if hostname ~!= "*key*" remove

so copy the compleet text that shows and click on ok.
Than your set to go.

Now go to "my filters" and click on the filter you made and click on the REFRESH button and the eye will go and search for the cracked servers.
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