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The Suffering: Ties That Bind Widescreen Mod

Postby yamibito » Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:19 pm

To enjoy this absolutely cult game in 16:9 wide screen (not stretched, fix applied) resolution you need to:

1. Download this archive:!U00khIJD!Fych0oEDjTXJbOh-luHcnky7k0YadUDb06zK-K0jXaM
2. Uncompress two included files: heavily modified game executable sufferingttb.exe and SufferingTTB.rfl.
3. Copy both files to game main folder, overwrite when prompted.
4. Run Launcher.exe while holding Shift button (allows open the launcher after the first time) to pass setup as an argument.
5. Click The Suffering: Ties That Bind Setup
6. This will open Riot Engine Configuration panel
5. Now you can choose your desidered resolution (resolutions higher than 1080 are available too, although i wouldn't recommend it. It will make game engine running unstable, missing in rendering textures, crash after crash), display driver, set shadows quality and anti-aliasing level (up to 16x available).
6. Texture Filtering settings in Riot Engine Configuration panel is not accesible (radio button is grayed). No problem, you can enable it later in game graphics settings :)
7. In Sound tab choose your sound card only, don't touch two remaining settings (unless you know the consequences of bad choice hehe)
8. Run game
9. Enjoy :)

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