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Postby oldman » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:18 pm

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Direct link on page above,It's approx. 500mb in size.
It has most of the well known mods included.
I also installed the ss2tool(universal patcher) ,so i could run SS2BlueModManager "ss2bmm.exe" from game folder and then i could choose to deactivate certain mods from the modpack that i didn't want .
Info about the blue mod manger is available on same site as SS2tool below.
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Check back on ss2tool site from time to time for updated version

Also an updated version of the base game is available on gog or steam.
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There's also a mod to play after the main game.
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Its at version 2 ,but i think they might release version 3 in the future.
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