Kid Pix Studio Deluxe Brøderbund Software, Inc. 1998

This is a graphic art design program for children. With the use of several drawing and design tools, children can use six specific activities that focus on animation and printable arts and crafts projects. In Wacky TV, players can watch dozens of short video clips, then manipulate them with effects such as negative shading and pixelation. Kid Pix is the drawing and painting tool, including many pen and brush effects, stamps, shapes, and textures. Many coloring pages, as well as printable activities, are also available. Moopies, an animation activity utilizing some of the same drawing tools as Kid Pix, features objects or lines that move, wriggle or change color after being drawn. Another animation activity, Stampimator, allows objects that are stamped on the screen to be set in movement along a certain path. Some paths are pre-set but can also be manually set. Digital Puppets lets players choose a pre-set character, such as an alien or a little girl, then touch keys on the keyboard to animate the character's arm or leg, twist their body, or perform a facial expression. Movements can be combined and recorded, then played back as a digital puppet show. All the elements can be combined through the use of the Slide Show and saved projects can be put together as a presentation.
ISO Demo 552MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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