Blood & Lace: A Gothic Novel GMM Entertainment / Giunti Publishing Group 2001

This is a single-player action game with some puzzle-solving. The story, thus the game, is divided in 13 chapters. An introduction cutscene opens on a strange man, dressed in clothes from the XVIII century but in a room full of modern technologies. He introduces us to an old story, located in Paris, at the end of the XVIII century. Barbara Cagliostro is looking for a lost book which contains the means to dominate the world. The Vampire Society is looking for it as well. Barbara has to deal with people that at first glance seem friendly, but soon betray her. Moved to Genoa, she is poisoned and entrapped in a labyrinth, from where she escapes. Now to find the book, where is written the counteragent, is a matter of life and death. In Sicily she comes to know more about the location of the book. Back to Paris, she finds the vampire reunion place. Here the leader of the vampires and the holder of the book has seized the Queen of France to make her the queen of a new society doomed by vampires. Barbara fools the leader and becomes the catalyst for the destruction of the Vampire Society. She is the only survivor and only a page of the book is saved, but that page is enough to guarantee to Barbara immortality. Barbara nowadays is still alive and looking for another copy of the book. Features: 3D realtime realistic world reconstruction, full dynamic lighting with multiple colored light sources,dynamic shadows on characters, particle and special FX engines, cinematographic cutscenes, skeletal animations with skinning, and different types of cameras - fixed, first and third person camera.
Italian Level Demo 49MB (uploaded by FilePlanet)
ISO Demo (German voices, Russian text) 515MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Italian ISO Demo 438MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Patch to 1.0 1.2MB (uploaded by hfric)
Unofficial Patch to fix Textures on Modern graphics cards 254kb (uploaded by

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