Family Doctor, The Creative Multimedia 1991

The Family Doctor - 4th Edition is one of the most important products you can own. From life-saving first aid to important drug information, it contains all the medical information you'll ever need in one easy-to-use reference. Is included, the complete contents of several medicine books and encyclopedias. More advanced than the 3rd edition, this updated version has an all new interface, additional quality source materials, ability to create personalized medical records, extensive hyper-links and hot text for the easiest access to related references, Windows '95 compliancy, and direct access to the Internet. The user interface is designed for both young and old alike, and is modeled after a traditional doctor's office. Nurse Lorainne Francis helps the user beginning with the completion of personal medical records, and guidance to the Library, Exam Room, or First Aid Room. Unlike most other medical CD-ROMs that focus on a single topic, The Family Doctor -- 4th Edition is an all-encompassing medical reference guide. Users can learn to diagnose common ailments with over 600 symptoms and early warning signs, receive training and practice on step-by-step first aid techniques, obtain information on drug side effects, interactions, descriptions, pronunciations, and allergies for more than 7,600 over-the-counter, prescription, and generic drugs. View 2-D and 3-D illustrations and animations of the male and female anatomy, gain valuable knowledge on medical terminology to improve communications with a doctor, acquire information on all the alternative medical choices available, keep track of personalized family medical records including vital statistics, immunizations, known allergies, and more.
1995 3rd Edition ISO Demo 304MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1993 ISO Demo v2.2 413MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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