Der Clown [G] Silver Style Entertainment / THQ, RTL Playtainment 2001

"The Clown" is a former successful TV-series from RTL (German TV station), which made it nevertheless to the 4th season. While TV-series has spectacular stunts and a lot of special effects, the 1st-person adventure "The Clown" is calm and nonviolent. In the show, Max Zander is known as "The Clown" and is a special agent of the organization WIPA (World Intelligence Police Agency). He had to watch his best friend and colleague become victim of a bomb assassination of gangsters that he was hunting. Together with the journalist Claudia, whom he became acquainted with during his investigation, he tracks the culprits and uses a clown's mask during risky actions outside the law. Finally he is employed as "Clown" for half-legal and illegal jobs of the federal police agency. The original actors only appear in the intro and clips from the show. The game has the daughter of an influential businessman being kidnapped. He should testify against organized crime during an important trial and the kidnapping is to persuade the father to an exculpatory wrong statement. Max Zander, alias "The Clown" and his team are put in charge by the organization to free the girl and deliver the wirepullers to the police.
Russian ISO Demo 267MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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