RPG Maker ASCII, Enterbrain / Agetec, Degica Co. Ltd. 1995

RPG Maker 95 was released in Japan and games run in 640×480 resolution and incorporates a 2D tile engine, that involve separate graphics files for characters, tile sets, backgrounds, and battle animations. The battle style is turn-based and in first-person perspective. The music featured consists of midi and wav files. It received an unauthorized English translation and release. RPG Maker 95 VALUE! added Windows XP support (requires 1.31.00 patch). The first 2000 releases in Japan were accompanied with a soundtrack CD album "ZONDERLAND" of RPG themed music based on RPG Maker. Music was composed by the U.K. band INTELLIGENTSIA. RPG Maker 2000 (also called RM2k) for Microsoft Windows it's possible to do more with but it uses lower resolution sprites and tiles. However, it does not have a noticeable limit of 'sprites'. The tilesets also have a similar non-limitation. However, because tiles must be entered into a database, there is a limit on tiles. This limit however is rarely a problem (normally 5000), and even when it is, an unofficial patch exists which can bump most limits much higher at the risk of potential game corruption. RPG Maker 2003's main difference is the introduction of a side-view battle system similar to that found in Final Fantasy games on the Super Nintendo. This was the first version made by Enterbrain, which had previously been a part of ASCII. RPG Maker XP (2005) is the first which can use Ruby, making it the most powerful, programming-wise. However, many normal, simplified features have been removed though they have been programmed with Ruby, and distributed online. RMXP runs at 1024x768 resolution (though games made in it run at 640x480), while offering four times the playable area of its predecessors. Additionally, it allows greater user control over sprite size (there is no specific image size regulation for sprite sheets) and other aspects of game design. XP used a front-view non-sprite battle system that allowed for the use of Battle backgrounds (Battlebacks). Both characters and enemies had static battle sprites, and the interface was quite simple with some earlier concepts derived from video game programmer Amanda Dyar. RPG Maker VX (2008) the interface is more user-friendly, allowing new users to create games with ease. The framerate was increased to 60 frames per second, providing much smoother animation. The game's default programming has been overhauled to allow more freedom to those scripting in new features. New editor and a new RTP are included, this time in a much simpler "blocky" style. The battle system is comparable to that of the Dragon Quest series, with a frontal view of the battlefield and detailed text descriptions of each action taken. One notable disadvantage from the previous version, however, is the lack of support for multiple tilesets when mapping, leaving the player with only a finite number of unique tiles with which to depict all the game's environments. RPG Maker VX Ace (2012) is essentially an overhauled version of RPG Maker VX, and removes the issue with multiple tilesets. Battle backgrounds were re-introduced, and are separated into top and bottom halves. Spells, skills, and items can all now have their own damage and recovery formulas, although a quick calculation method reminiscent of the older RPG Makers is available. The VX RTP was redesigned, and a new soundtrack featuring higher quality techno-pop tracks was included. It came with a large quantity of DLC Resource Packages. RPG Maker MV (2015) includes a number of improvements over previous versions, having multi-OS support, side-view battles and high resolution support. It is also the first engine in the series to use Javascript instead of Ruby, with the addition of plugins. Completed games can also be played on a mobile device. It also goes back to layered tilesets, a feature that was removed in RPG Maker VX and VX Ace. RPG Maker MZ (2020) has powerful enhancements in the map editor, and a large collection of new tiles, map layer control has returned, map trees can be rearranged, improved Image save function, improved image save function, built in character generator, adjust component positioning, add new color palettes, largest collection of assets, new battle system, more powerful and extensive event commands, preview added for movement route settings, support for particle effects, revamped plug-in commands, auto-save function added, and better UI for mouse and touch-screens.
95 Free Download 6.8MB (uploaded by 2drpg)
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2000 Free Download + RTP 1.32 3.4+7.2MB (uploaded by 2drpg)
2003 Full Demo 29.2MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
XP Full Demo 29.6MB (uploaded by 2drpg)
VX Full Demo + RTP 49+35MB (uploaded by 2drpg)
VX Ace + Resource Pack + Pandora's Box collection + Various Packs 730MB+9.69GB+3.8GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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