Crystal Rain Forest, The Sherston Software / Terrapin Software 1994

The planet Oglo is in big trouble... and it is up to you to save the rain forest. This is a learning adventure for students from 8 to 13 which introduces and offers practice in Logo concepts. The story is exciting, the colors bright, the activities fun, all mixed with the right amount of clever animation and humor. A poisoned dart, a snake with a sweet tooth, and some friendly monsters all figure into the plot. The graphics and sound are superb - they'll bring forth a chuckle from children and adults alike. An adventure that students will want to explore again and again. Estimate distances and angles, repeat patterns, experiment with variables, and build procedures. Read maps of Bridgetown to hunt for clues and help local residents. Guide robots, mend bridges, and pack medicinal leaves to earn money for equipment. Then navigate the river through the rain forest looking for the magic crystals. Exploration eventually leads to "Crystal Logo," with which magic crystals can be created. Students love meeting the characters and mastering the challenges while learning Logo fundamentals and building a foundation for their own Logo explorations. Comprehensive teacher options make it a flexible and effective teaching tool. It offers three modes of use and two levels of difficulty. While the narrative follows a sequential progression of key problem-solving skills, each of the activities may also be explored individually to provide reinforcement or special focus. The easy-to-use Teacher Options menu makes it easy to adapt to a wide variety of situations. A updated and enhanced version 2 was later released in 2005 that worked on newer o/s.
Full Demo 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2000 Version ISO Demo (provided by Gamecare & uploaded by Scaryfun) 52MB

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