Mike's Monstrous Adventure Hulabee Entertainment / Disney Interactive 2002

Children five and up can help Mike and his friends from Monsters Inc. find missing pieces to fix the Laugh Energy Filter 5000, a laugh machine which is needed for a big press conference. In this game from former Humongous Entertainment co-founders, kids search the factory for six major machine parts (Alloy Grunion, Poly-Modulator, Spindunkle, Turnavator, Hose, and Power Fripulation), and solve puzzles to restore the parts to the machine. Exploring the factory takes players to a variety of locations including the lobby, platform room, atrium, maintenance room, cafeteria, security booth, conference room, elevator, trash room, pipe room, tentacle room, contamination room, R&D lab, pressure control room, locker room, mailroom and more. During the adventure, players interact with characters from the film, including Delta, Boo, Fran, Smitty Needleman, Skip, and Wally. In addition to solving puzzles, kids are required to complete simple tasks like finishing Mike's paperwork, exploring every room in the factory to find joke cards, and maintaining a small inventory. Joke cards are used by Mike to match specific types of jokes, categorized by sports, animals, science, food, music, family, transportation, school, monsters and clown routines, with certain kids to make them laugh. Upon completion of the first puzzle, a blueprint becomes available that shows the missing machine parts as well as a list of items that have been found. After Mike rescues Boo early in the game, players gain access to the Cereal Slide mini-game where the goal is to become the first player to line up colored cereal pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a row of three (3x3 grid) or four (5x5 or 7x7 grids). Hints and gameplay instructions are included in a printable and colorful electronic manual on the CD.
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Full Demo (nothing ripped) 80MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Disney Classics release - ISO Demo 139MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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