My First Amazing World Explorer 2.0 / World Explorer Dorling Kindersley Software / Global Software Publishing 1996

Pack your bags and grab your passport - you're in for the adventure of your life! Play exciting games as you visit ten different countries and learn about other cultures. Journey to famous cities and uncover the stories behind all the historic landmarks. Visit mountains, jungles, and forests and track down unusual plants and animals. You can even hop on a plane or take a boat across the ocean. Learning about geography and the world in which we live has never been so much fun! Activities: Exciting Games - The Great Globetrotter Game takes you to over 50 destinations; Fun Activities - Explore the world looking for colorful stickers; Become a World Explorer - 44 animated maps and over 600 pop-ups bring the world to your computer; 16 Fascinating Videos - Explore the mysterious world of wildlife and learn about other cultures. Educational Benefits: Knowledge of world geography (name and locations of continents), Knowledge of world cultures and customs, Compass and mapreading skills, Natural science (plants, animals, and topography), Language arts skills, Critical thinking and deductive reasoning.
ISO Demo 354MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1998 ISO Demo v2.0 624MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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