Collier's Encyclopedia Sierra 1996

Collier's makes a late entry into an already crowded CD-ROM encyclopedia market (Britannica, Compton's, Grolier's, IBM World Book, Microsoft Encarta). Sierra developed and markets this 3 CD-ROM multimedia encyclopedia which includes an atlas, dictionary, and several interactive simulations. The encyclopedia includes about 21,000 articles, 18,000 photographs and other images, 150 videos and animations and 6 hours of sound and music clips. Multimedia items, when selected, open in a new screen. A nice feature of the photographs is that they use fractal technology. This allows you to do several levels of zoom in any area of the image without the severe pixelation of a typical bitmap image. The Atlas opens on a world map: You can search for a site by name, or you can click on a spot on the map to go to a more detailed map, if one exists. Also included is a bare bones 100,000 word dictionary.
1996 ISO Demo 213MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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